Code of Ethics:

As an Tesla Wave LLC Distributor, I promise and agree that:

  1. I will endeavor to be courteous, respectful, honest, and fair while acting as a Member to enhance my reputation and the positive reputation of Tesla Wave, its products, and Network Marketing as an industry.

  2. I will fulfill my leadership responsibilities as an Enroller by training, assisting and supporting the Distributors in my organization and the Company as a whole.

  3. I will respect the Enroller and/or Placement relationship of every Distributor within Tesla Wave, and I will neither attempt to interfere with or change these relationships nor make disparaging or untrue claims about any other Distributors or the Company, its founders, officers or employees.

  4. I will make no claim about any Tesla Wave LLC product that is not contained in and supported by current and official Tesla Wave LLC publications, nor will I misrepresent the income potential of the Tesla Wave LLC Compensation Plan.

  5. I will honor and abide by the intention and text of this Agreement.

  6. I will obey the applicable laws of any country I am pursuing my business in, and will make every effort to portray myself, Tesla Wave LLC and Network Marketing in an accurate and positive light to the public, media, and those I present the Tesla Wave LLC opportunity to.

  7. I will not perform any activities that are unethical, or that violate the Business Ethics section of the Tesla Wave LLC Policies & Procedures.


   _________________________________________ Signed


   __________________________________________ Witnessed


  On _________________________ Date


  On __________________________ Date



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Tesla Wave LLC

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